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Migrating to Cryptocurrency's on Computer System

Hi Steemers Join us on steemit.

We have been looking for some time in a way to reward users for entering content. Having discovered steemit! We are looking to add Cryptocurrency to our site.

One of the problems with any currency is speculation. Most cryptos what to drag this into the new system. BitCoin is the worst offender of this at this time. To find out more of scams and the pitfalls of speculation. First it drags into the picture the creation of the coin. BitCoin chose mining which has had huge negative effect in the vast amount of power consumed. This is a negative aspect of production as the energy consumed far out ways the gain. The coin like all coins are created by the issuer. It is your trust that gives it value. choose to create coin by adding content. A positive act of creation creates the coin.

Speculation has always added unnecessary cost to our currency system. Greedy people that want something for nothing have fuelled this problem Bankers and stock brokers are the primary offenders here. In currency it is the users that pay for this with value out of their pockets. We should pay the cost of maintaining a given system but bankers set the value of one currency against another. Artificially undermining its value. This is a primary problem with debt based systems.

Bitconnect Ponzy scheme.

To fund this process we offer Bitconnect referrals.

First step is to add Cryptocurrency as a payment method such as PayPal. Not as easy as one might think. We use WHMCS as our billing software because of its integration into cPanel/WHM interface. This is the software our hosted user's use to interact with their hosted website. or reseller account. We have added two systems that allow payments.

Incorporate into the CSC web application.

Next we will try to incorporate it into the core of the site. Doing so will allow all users to get paid for the content produced. Ever up vote will Get up for the entry regardless if you are the 'owner of the site' or a user.

There are many routes to taking advantage of this depending on your expertise and your available help. You now have two options at this time.

  • Use an others like steemit.

    On this quest resources found.

    • Steemcentre

      Lots of info available on the first page.

    • Create your own coin.

      Conversion should be easy. We kinda like this option. In the creation of the coin we can place restrictions on speculation. There is a limited amount of coins in any given currency. Interchangeability Is key to a cash based society. Which is leading to cash less one. This will unfortunately lead to the vast reduction of bean counters.

      Anticipating a roller coaster of programming here.

Each of these option come with a lot of setup and jargon.

Looking at obstacles to overcome

  • Conversion

    Wallet installation for server. Most be compatible with each client installed wallet. Server needs to be compatible with most installed wallets.

    HelpDesk on wallets.

  • Ease of conversion
  • Wallet installation for server.

    Most be compatible with each client installed wallet. Server needs to be compatible with most installed wallets.
  • Setting up the team

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Last Update March 12, 2022

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