<h2>Thank your for your patience.</h2>

<p> Server upgrade and migration complete. </p>

 <li><h2>security certificate error</h2>
 <p>You will notice with secure sites such as your mail you will get a security certificate error. This is normal. The only thing that has changed is the IP address. Your browser sees that the recorded one for that domain. It responce is to varify that all is indeed well. Simply fallow the prompts to accept the certificate.This is not as bad as it seems.</li>
 <li><h3>Password change request</h3>
  <p>When you enter any of the hosted sites on this server Your browser will not remember the password. This is due to the IP address change. You simply enter the password and update the browser. In many cases you will find that the higher security rules in place. If your password is to easy to crack you will be requested to create a new password that the system feels is safe enough. A safe route is to have the system create you a new password, copy it to your clipboard and log back into the application. Refresh our browser stored password. And/or copy it to your password file.
  <li><h2>Find something different.</h2>
    <p>If you find something your site. Not working on your site please use the HelpDesk system and we will help you fix it. You use the same system to get improvements to your site. </p>

Sunday, August 9, 2015

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