Aditional support tickets
need more than 10 tickets to run your site. You can add them here.
Basic HelpDesk Services
We support you. In the management of your Web site.
You get 10 free support tickets. They are for you and you sites users simply by adding a HelpDesk link.

Phone support
This our basic fee for phone support for site and general computer support.

$10.00 Стоимость установки
Software Installation
We provide software installation services for those of you that ether don't have the time or technical ability to do so. We do have several knowledge base entries to instruct you on how to do this on your own.
This service is for software on the server. eXtropia scripts or scripts provided by your CPanel account
SubDomain Support services
If you have sub domain on any of the servers hosted a CSC you need this package.
We will help you develop your site as you go.

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