Commonly used port numbers

Commonly used port numbers


cPanel uses port 2082 and secure port 2083
WHM uses port 2086 and secure port 2087
webmail uses port 2095 and secure port 2096

To access secure webmail, you can use https://(domain.s.ip):2096


POP3 connects via port 110
IMAP connects via port 143
SMTP connects via port 25 and 26
Secure email connections?
SMTP over TLS/SSL 465
IMAP over TLS/SSL 993
POP3 over TLS/SSL 995


HTTP connects via port 80
SSL connects via port 443

FTP connects via port 21
sFTP? port 2222
FTPs? port 990
Webdisk ? port 2077 and 2078

MySQL connects via port 3306
SSH dedicated connects via port 22
SSH shared and reseller connects via port 2222


Control Panel 8443
Plesk webmail 8425

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